Which species of Leptospermum Flowers does your manuka honey come from?

Our manuka honey is a locally varying mix of several native Leptospermum honeys:

  • Leptospermum Polygalifolium (Active)
  •  Leptospermum Liversidgeii (Active)
  •  Leptospermum Juniperium (Active)
  •  Leptospermum Whiteii (Active)
  • Leptospermum Petersonii (Active)
  • Leptospermum Laevigatum (Considered Inactive)
  • Leptospermum Trinervium (Considered Inactive)
  • Leptospermum Semibacattum (Considered Inactive)

Where is your Manuka Honey Produced?

Located in the Pristine Mountain Village of Elands, NSW, our state-of-the-art honey-house is where we extract, package and ship our Medi Jelly Bio-Active Manuka Honey from.

BIO-ACTIVE MANUKA HONEY is produced by bees foraging sustainably on Pristine LOCAL Coastal Heath, collecting nectar and pollen from Native Australian Leptospermum plant species.

What Strength Manuka do you produce?

MGO30+   has methylglyoxal levels of > 30 ppm (Mg/Kg) and is a delicious blend of Manuka and other coastal honeys.
MGO100+ “NPA5+”  has methylglyoxal levels of > 100 ppm (Mg/Kg) and is equivalent to “UMF 5+” or “ULF 5+” ratings.
MGO200+ “NPA8+”  has methylglyoxal levels of > 200 ppm (Mg/Kg) and is equivalent to “UMF 8+” or “ULF 8+” ratings.
MGO263+ “NPA10+”  has methylglyoxal levels of > 263 ppm (Mg/Kg) and is equivalent to “UMF 10+” or “ULF 10+” ratings.
MGO400+ “NPA13+”  has methylglyoxal levels of > 400 ppm (Mg/Kg) and is equivalent to “UMF 13+” or “ULF 13+” ratings.
MGO800+ “NPA20+”  has methylglyoxal levels of > 800 ppm (Mg/Kg) and is equivalent to “UMF 20+” or “ULF 20+” ratings.

Is it safe to buy online?

We run our online e-commerce platform on the most trusted software platform available.
Your connection to our site is encrypted with 256 bit SSL and Payment is processed by Braintree by PAYPAL.
You can pay with credit/debit card, apple-pay, direct deposit (OSKO) or PAYPAL.
You can feel safe that you personal data is NEVER shared with anyone and your transaction is encrypted by industry best practices.

How Long will it take for my order to be delivered?

We understand that you order is important and we make sure to send it out as quickly as we can.
We automatically issue you with a tracking email that can be used to keep you up to date with your delivery right up until it is delivered.
We ship using Australia Post and Fastway and most orders are dispatched the day after they are received.
Generally most orders take around 3 – 5 days to arrive depending on where in Australia they are being sent.
If you have special requirements you can mention them in your checkout process, or select Express Post to speed things up!

Can I get Discounts for my next order?

All returning customers get a 5% discount coupon giving them 5% discount off their ENTIRE ORDER each time they return!
If you spend more than $100 on products you also get FREE SHIPPING!
You can also get a further 5% Discount for your next order by leaving a review on our website after you have purchased your products!
If you choose to share your purchase on social media you can earn a further 5% discount as well!
That’s a whole lot of discounts you can collect, making our Manuka VERY Affordable!

Is all of your Medi Jelly Manuka Honey Tested for MGO content by independent laboratories?

All of our honey is sent to the University of Sunshine Coast Honey Laboratory and tested for MGO, DHA and HMF concentrations by world leading laboratory staff.
All our Medi Jelly manuka Honey is tested using the HPLC technique in NATA accredited laboratories by independent scientists.
You can be certain that the honey you receive is ALWAYS as strong as the label states – we guarantee it!
University of Sunshine Coast Honey Lab is a world leading Manuka Honey Research Lab.
Laboratory issued Test Certificates are kept for every batch and we keep records that can be used to track the provenance of every jar right back to the Apiary where it was produced.

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