Meet Peter, the beekeeper behind Medi Jelly. Peter has millions of Honey Bees constantly working multiple locations along the coast of NSW, dedicated to bringing you delicious and healthy Medi Jelly Bio-Active Manuka Honey. Each year from September to January they work tirelessly foraging amongst the pristine NSW coastal heath in search of honey from native Leptospermum plants which have the unique Non-Peroxide Activity (NPA) that Manuka is famous for. This is a small, family owned and operated business, dedicated to learning and pioneering the production of increasingly strong Manuka honey here in Australia, from our Native Leptospermum plants. As well as collecting honey from existing sources of naturally occurring Leptospermum species, Peter is now involved in trials involving specially selected Manuka bushes being planted in plantations specifically for the purpose of producing extra-high-strength Medical Grade Manuka Honey for people requiring Manuka stronger than can be collected in the wild. These products will become available as the plantations mature. Our goal is to provide consumers with a high quality product at affordable prices so that people can afford to have access to this incredible product, and get the benefits of regular Manuka use.