Bulk Wholesale Manuka Honey


We supply all our Bulk Wholesale Manuka Honey as well as our Inactive Tea Tree Honey in convenient 14kg, 23kg and 28kg Pails.

Perfect for butchers, bakers, dessert makers and all other bulk usage.

Can be shipped around the country via courier so call for a Quote!


We can supply all our Bulk Wholesale Manuka Honey as well as our Inactive Tea Tree Honey in 205L ( 300Kg ) Food-Grade Plastic barrels.

We can also supply in Brand New Stainless Steel 205L ( 300Kg ) Drums as well with removable lid.

We can arrange shipping to Freight Forwarders for Exporters as well, so call for info to discuss this option!

We can often supply our range of Bulk Wholesale Manuka Honey and our Inactive Tea Tree Honey in 1000L IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container).

These are a great option for anyone planning to export or transfer large amounts of honey between locations.

1000L IBC typically holds around 1.5 Tonne of honey depending on the density of the honey, call for more info.

We have a modern food-grade honey packing facility and can pack honey into a range of containers for you.

Please call to discuss packing options.

We pack our honey for delivery to local, Australian and Export customers.

various jars, pails, honey varieties can be packed, and supplied in boxes.

We can deliver pallets to freight forwarders as well.

100% PURE Australian HONEY.

Packaged by hand on the midcoast of Australia.

Cold Extracted, minimally filtered, nothing added or removed, as pure as nature intended.

All our Manuka Honey comes with  laboratory certification for MGO levels and we ensure the provenance of each batch tracking it back to its production apiary site.

We don’t feed our bees sugar, they are kept in pristine Australian bushland.

Contact us to discuss Bulk, Wholesale and export options!

We can also pack honey at our modern honey packing facility.

We can pack into a range of jars and containers and provide the packaged honey to you boxed and ready for branding.

Call or email us to discuss this option!

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