Pure Beeswax Candles made from our own beeswax. Collected and minimally processed by us, containing a pure cotton wick.


100% Pure beeswax collected and minimally processed by us from our bees. This retains as much of the hive medicines as possible.

Pure cotton wicks selected for bright light and durable burn

Hand poured into silicone mold

Each one is handmade and uniquely different and make great gifts!

Discover our latest products - Earthly Virtues SALVES and CREAMS!

Our Herbal Healing Salves and Creams contain a combination of medicinal herbs selected for their soothing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and skin regeneration properties.

Take a look at our Creams, handmade with love by Aspen.

premium Medi Jelly

Our MediJelly brand of bio-active honey is produced by bees foraging sustainably on Pristine Coastal Heath in our local area, the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia. Our bees collect nectar and pollen from Native Australian Leptospermum plant species alongside other native heath flowers.

“Jellybush” is an Australian slang term for honey from the Leptospermum plants, which has a thick “Jelly” like consistency, and has the same medicinal values as the New Zealand Leptospermum honey. Our MediJelly is medicinal Bio-Active honey produced from nectar from the Leptospermum plants that are naturally occurring in our area.

Our Bio-Active MediJelly Honey is a locally varying mix of several native Leptospermum honeys,


Regular buyer of this honey. I’ll never buy any honey from the supermarket again. Children love it also. Have told a few others about it and they also buy regularly.

Malcolm John

We purchased this product after completing some extensive research& recommendations from some friends on Manuka honey products. After the first purchase, we decided to stock some more, as our family members like it very much, plus the additional health benefits from consuming it on daily basis. From our recent experience with Medi Jelly products, we think we’ll never go back to supermarket and/or chemist’s branded Manuka honey product anymore. We fully support Peter & his family’s mission & his expertise in producing the best quality Manuka honey, grown & farmed at NSW home. We truly love our own Australian made products!

Arie Kristian

So happy I found this dedicated beekeeper. While I know the health benefits of active honey, sourcing the product at a reasonable price, is a challenge. I highly recommend this product and will not look any further than ‘Medijelly’ for my ongoing supply.

John Bristowe

Lasts a long time, as little bit goes a long way.

Malcolm John

Fast delivery and great tasting product.


Highly recommend Medijelly. High quality as it is made by locals. Taste awesome. Bought 2 more for my family overseas and their feedback was 100% positive. Medijelly was quite professional at delivery communication and packaging too. Received my order within 3 days.


Tastes great. I received my order within 3 days. Was easy to communicate with Medijelly before making order. They are friendly and responsive. Packaging was also great. Highly recommended.


Hi, Thank you for explaining more in-depth details about Manuka honey and the best one to buy. I purchased some a few months ago from a health food store to treat a burn. It was a 5+ rating made in New Zealand and really did not do much with soothing or healing at all. That is why I purchased your 400+ honey. I was very pleased with the speed of delivery and sturdy packaging. Well done guys.


Hi thank you for your amazing honey I received a few days ago. Unfortunately I dont do social media so could not leave a review on those platforms however, just letting you know that your honey is super delicious and not sickly sweet like orhers I have tried. I definitely recommend your honey.


Amazing honey. I have used your medijelly on multiple occasions, from my daughters eczema flair ups to sore throats to itchy annoying coughs. So soothing and gentle on little tummy’s and bodies. And tastes delicious so that’s an extra bonus. Can’t recommend your beautiful honey and your wonderful family owned and operated business enough.


I eat 1-2 teaspoons of this a day and I never get sick! Previously dust allergies and asthma ruled my life, both are now so mild I rarely think about them anymore


You can’t go wrong at this price and with such a well presented product and fantastic service. Can’t go past Medi Jelly for excellence in Manuka Honey


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